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About Us

Vintius Racing is an Irish F1 in Schools team comprised of 6 students based out of Marist College Athlone. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our work and drive to win. Our team combines skills from all of our members to form one team that is consistent in its success and ambition. Since starting our journey in November of 2018, we have successfully qualified to represent Ireland in the 2019 F1 in Schools World Finals. This will take place in Abu Dhabi, UAE this November 22th - 29th.

About the Competition

F1 in Schools is the world's largest STEM competition in which teams of students aged 9 - 19 deploy CAD/CAM software to design, analyse, manufacture, test, and then race miniature compressed air powered F1 cars. Teams must raise sponsorship and manage budgets to fund research, travel and accommodation. It's a great way to introduce students to engineering, manufacturing, technology, marketing and financial strategy, and to apply them in a practical and competitive way.

What we Do


Innovation is crucial to success.

We use our skills to innovate and create ideas that will allow us to compete at the highest standard.


Teamwork is an important value of Vintius Racing. We embrace all of our team members and their ability to work together for the benefit of our team and school.


At Vintius Racing, we pride ourselves on our ability. This is why we strive for success in everything we do. Our goals and ambitions are limitless as is our motivation to reach them.


Meet the Team

Vintius Racing was formed by 6 Transition Year students from Marist College Athlone. Below is a short summary of the role of each member of the team.

Conor McNamara


Conor worked with all team members and helped in all areas. He managed the team’s finances and was in charge of sponsor acquisition. He worked alongside the engineers in developing testing technologies and organised fundraising events including bag-packing and the raffle. 

Brian O'Hara Duggan


Project management is the foundation of any good team. Brian outlined goals, established tasks, and set deadlines which each team member could follow. He ensured that our time was balanced correctly and effectively.

Eoghan Carroll


Eoghan is the lead designer of our car. He developed concepts based off research, tested these concepts using virtual analysis and developed the car from test results.  His work was crucial in ensuring that our car was of a high standard and capable of competing at the top tier of the competition. 

Callum McKnight


As Marketing Manager, Callum was responsible for promoting our team and building our team brand. He managed our social media in providing interesting content about the team and F1 in Schools. He also was in charge of sponsor relations.

Alexander Farrell


Alexander excels in the preparation and production of our car. Using CNC and 3D-Printing machinery he manufactured car components. He managed the finishing and assembly of our car. His input to the manufacturing of the car was critical for ensuring a high quality finished product.

Ronan Bars


As Vintius Racing's Graphic Designer, Ronan developed our team’s graphics for our pit display, portfolio, and verbal presentation. Using Adobe software, he developed our team logo as well as promotional material for the team.


World Finals Car


Vintius Racing

Oct 15

  • 1 min

Vintius Racing

Sep 25

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Our Sponsors

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our team sponsors who have all been integral to our success. This is your chance to learn more about the companies who have supported and believed in us.

Peter Hanley Motors - Vintius Racing
advanced ndt solutions - vintius racing f1 in schools
IOP Ireland - Vintius Racing
Buckley's SuperValu Mullingar - Vintius
ASTI - Vintius Racing
Renew Health Limited - Vintius Racing
BioAtlantis Vintius Racing
Newell Logo.jpg
indoor ventilation solutions - Vintius R
hardiman wallace accountants
Musgrave Vintius Racing
abec357 - vintius racing f1 in schools
Bank of Ireland
Mergon - Vintius Racing
just eat - Vintius Racing

Our Partners

Here you can learn about all of the companies that we collaborated with. Each has been incredibly helpful and effective. dublin - vintius racing f1 in schools
athlone printing - Vintius Racing
hodson bay



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